Can I do treatments if I was pregnant?
Our Microderm and Oxylight treatments are suitable for pregnancy.

Can I put on makeup right after my treatment?
You can use makeup right after but for best results, we recommend letting the skin breath for 24 hours without any cosmetics.

Can I go tanning after my treatment?
Avoid tanning for 48 hours after treatment.

Which surgery procedures can Oxylight heal and why?
Face lifts, Neck lifts, and now Breast reconstruction and Breast augmentation.

Symptoms: Redness, heat, swelling, pain due to slow healing caused in part by smoking or diabetes.

A. Helps with redness and heat-to-the-touch discomfort.
B. Patients state pain improves immediately after treatment and for up to 8-hours.
C. Swelling and inflammation improves overnight.
D. Skin should heal better and less scarring is expected.

Debbie Hudson, LMA
BY: D Scott Rotatori MD

How long does a OxyLight® treatment take?
A complete treatment takes approximately 45 minutes.

How many treatments do I need?
Depending on the desired results, and the area being treated, Physicians recommend a series of 6 to 10 consecutive treatments, one-two weeks apart.

Does the OxyLight® treatment hurt?
No. OxyLight® is non-thermal and patients report a very relaxing treatment with no discomfort or downtime.

When will I start seeing results?
Treatments are progressive and cumulative. You will notice more correction with each treatment. Some results, like smoother skin texture and color, are obvious from the very first treatment.

Can OxyLight® be combined with other skin treatments?
Yes. While OxyLight is itself a stand-alone anti-aging program, it is also known to greatly complement other skin rejuvenation procedures particularly those that do not address concerns like vitamin hydration, exfoliation, bacterial deposit removal and lymphatic drainage. OxyLight greatly enhances, and may even increase the longevity and results of today's most popular laser and light procedures.