Everyone’s skin is different, unique and constantly changing. Our treatments are customized to your specific skin care needs and goals. We will create the perfect package for you whether you’re looking to correct, control, prevent, and/or maintain.


Micro-needling Half Face $275 / Full Face $350 / Body $450

Micro needling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, is a minimally-invasive procedure in which tiny, sterile needles pierce the skin, creating thousands of microscopic channels.  The process stimulates your skin's natural ability to heal itself.  In this process collagen and elastin are produced.

The repair process begins almost immediately and results in softened wrinkles and scars and stronger, healthier skin.  Benefits include: reducing fine lines and wrinkles, firmer skin, treating stretch marks, reducing acne scars.

Red Carpet Treatment $575

This Oscar worthy regimen is very popular amongst the stars such as Madonna, Eva Longoria, Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vergara, and Sarah Jessica Parker; to name a few. The innovative Oxylight treatment tightens, lifts, firms and tones. It also reduces inflammation, adds hydration, delivers nutrients to skin and stimulates collagen growth. This anti-aging technology will give you that ultimate, youthful Hollywood glow in an hour.

*For optimal results, do treatment 1-2 days before an event

*A series of 6 is recommended for more dramatic results between 10 weeks

Diamond Abrasion Face, Neck, & Chest $325

Is a deep exfoliation process with a diamond tip used to rejuvenate and clear dead skin cells. It also helps with pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged/ oily pores, blackheads, and acne scars.

Diamond Abrasion:

Face $150
Neck $100
Chest $125

*Recommended once every 4-6 weeks

Anti-Aging Treatment $275

Who says that the young aren’t wise? Take preventative measures early on to slow the aging process in your tissue cells. This treatment will help you improve your skins health, shave off years to your appearance and preserve your youthful complexion.

*A series of 4 is recommended to start for more dramatic results between 8 weeks

Hydration Revival Treatment $275

Rejuvenate your skin with nutrients after a stressful week or from that crazy weekend you can’t even snap about. Either way, do your skin a favor and give it that boost and hydration your complexion craves.

*A series of 4 is recommended for more dramatic results between 8 weeks

Lymphatic Face (bye, bye puffy eyes) Treatment $275

Eliminate those hard to reach toxins with the help of your new BFF! This state of the art lymphatic drainage treatment will make you glad that you left the bad behind.

*A series of 4 is recommended for more dramatic results between 6 weeks

Anti-Acne Treatment $275

Clear your mind; no one wants those unnecessary bumpy worries! Get rid of those bacteria causing blemishes and acne scars. This treatment helps accelerate cell renewal, stimulate collagen growth, and eliminate acne-causing toxins.  It’s time to take back control of your beauty.

*A series of 4 is recommended for more dramatic results between 4 weeks (varies for each case)

Pre/Post Surgery Healing Treatment $125

Used to heal after these surgeries: face-lift, neck-lift, breast reconstruction and breast augmentation. Helps with redness and discomfort, swelling, and inflammation overnight. Pain should be less after treatment and for up to 8-hours. The skin will heal better and less scarring is expected. 

*Typically takes 3 sessions per week, results vary per person



Ultrasound: Waves penetrate the skin to hydrate, promote collagen production, kill bacteria, increase oxygen and blood circulation to tissue cells. Effective for inflammation, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and age spots to give you that revitalized glow.

Micro Current: Working on a cellular level to help with muscle toning, lifting, tightening, and nutrient infusion. It also increases ATP production, protein synthesis, lymphatic flow, and amino acid transport through different layers of the skin.


Red: Aids in the stimulation of skin cells by releasing adenosine triphosphate; ATP is the major energy source for most human cells. Increasing RNA and DNA synthesis helps regenerate aged and/or damaged tissue. This speeds up the healing process and growth of new cells by carrying more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Other benefits include stimulation of the fibroblasts in the connective tissue, which are responsible for collagen production; the essential protein that functions to hold cells together and promote skin elasticity and firmness.  

TREATS: Collagen reproduction, wrinkles and fine-lines, anti-aging, acne, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, psoriasis, hair loss.

Yellow: Improving cell elasticity through increased collagen production in the damaged area(s) and increases lymphatic flow to clear toxins, waste products, and other in-organic substances.

TREATS: Rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, eye bags, eczema.

Blue: The most sought after alternative solution for treating mild acne vulgaris. Inducing photo-excitation of bacterial porphyrins, single oxygen production, and subsequent bacterial destruction.

TREATS: Acne, bacteria, eczema, rosacea, eczema.

Green: Inhibits melanin production and osmosis in the basal layer of the skin. Helps calm the skin by reducing inflammation and irritation, improving skin complexion. 

TREATS: Hyper-pigmentation, inflammation.

Purple: Improving the appearance of rosacea by increasing blood circulation.

Indigo: Calms the skin and promotes relaxation.

White: Helps absorb nutrients, purifying and strengthening magnetic fields. It’s great for people who work with computers frequently.


Improves the overall appearance of the skin through the high-pressure infusion of pure oxygen, which helps activate products (serums, vitamins, and peptides) to the basal layer of skin.


This innovative technology delivers a combination of light and oxygen simultaneously, which increases the benefits of the treatment.

Hello Legs! - Cellulite & Lymphatic Drainage $375

Cellulite is definitely not a girl’s best friend. Combat your worst enemy, remove toxins, and have legs you want to show off 365 days a year!

*A series of 4 is recommended for more dramatic results between 8 weeks


*A full treatment takes 30-45 min

*Tanning is not recommended 48 hours after any treatment

*No discomfort or down time

*Results are best seen within 1-3 days of treatment

*Visible improvements on skin texture and complexion from very first treatment (varies)

*Results are progressive. Increased correction will be observed after each treatment

*For optimal cumulative results, a weekly treatment is recommended to start